Benefits of freephone

26th September 2011

With the market being on a low and many business’s struggling to get customers on board making your business more appealing to customers is important. Business’s using telephone lines as a core part of the business will need to choose wisely on the phone number they advertise and the phone service they offer.

Having a memorable number is important because it can help attract customers and help customers remember your number over your competitors but having a freephone number is even more attractive, making your business more appealing than a competitors who may offer a similar service to you.

0800 numbers are commonly known as freephone numbers so switching to an 0800 number can make your business bloom and increase sale by phone call figures. This can be because of the attractiveness of your 0800 freephone number, it makes your business look better to a customer if you minimise any cost to them. Looking professional is another advantage of an 0800 number,  it can help your business look professional with an easy recognisable number. Having your freephone number in the ‘Yellow Pages’ is a great way to attract customers. Finally having no dialling code it indicates the location of your business and your customers are free to spread the word with customers from other areas not having to worry if your services are available to them or not, this way you gain a high rater national opinion.

If your now wondering on where to get a freephone number then the best place to look is with hundreds of number available. Numbers are available with a one off connection charge from just £49 and the more memorable the number you pick, the more it costs. It’s why they have a huge selection of numbers with price ranges to suit business’s of all sizes with all different budget ranges.