Beyond Borders: How an International Phone Number Helps Your Growing Business

8th September 2020

Communication is the key to connecting with your customers, no matter where they are. But when you are ill-equipped, you are more likely to lose these opportunities. It is not enough to provide customers with an email address or a contact sheet. Traditional communication lines, such as phone calls, are still essential to effectively engaging with your existing and potential customers.

With the ever-growing number of new technologies, there is a misconception that phone calls are obsolete. But this type of communication gives your business advantages that are unattainable with email, website chat boxes and social media messaging. Learn more about the continued importance of phone calls in business to leverage it for a better bottom line.

The Difference an International Phone Number Makes

When you expand your business reach to other countries, you need to give your new audience the same type of customer service. An international phone number accomplishes the following:

  • It allows you to establish your local presence in those countries;
  • It improves brand recognition and recalls with your new audience;
  • It gives you more opportunities to market your products or services through meaningful conversations;
  • It provides you with a valuable source of data on your new audience; and
  • It allows you to establish your brand as one that values customer experience.

These are just the advantages of having an international phone number. To effectively leverage them for your business growth, you need to understand the importance of phone calls in the digital-driven environment. Failure to do this will make it hard to use phone calls in your business and marketing strategies.

The Importance of Phone Calls in Business

The majority of the population has their smartphone with them 24/7. Phone updates and upgrades continue to shape it into an essential device for everyday use. Although they can use it to connect to the internet and contact you online, many still prefer to call you. This is especially true when they are in the conversion stage of their customer journey.

Phone Calls Connect You to a Larger Audience

Today, several options provide free or cheap international phone calls. If you are expanding your business, you will need these affordable options to connect with a larger audience. These also create an opportunity to market your customer service to new leads.

  • A virtual phone number gives you the same features as its traditional counterpart but with additional features. These include lower call charges, better connectivity and fewer operational expenses.
  • A virtual phone number allows you answer to calls 24/7. Easily reroute international calls to agents in the same time zone to prevent missing out on opportunities for your business growth.
  • A virtual phone number provides you with valuable information and insights on your international customer base. They might have different problems and needs than your local customers. Use their calls to develop location-specific strategies for better business performance.

Phone Calls Provide the Human Element

Although most phone calls to business call centres begin with an automated message, they often end with the customer speaking with a human agent. Good customer relationship can be built through these interactions.

  • Potential and existing customers can easily explain their problem and receive the help they need in real-time.
  • Agents can provide reassurance and other personal touches that result in better trust between your brand and the caller.
  • Agents can be trained to analyse voices in real-time. With the right training, they can identify which callers are ready for conversion and those who still need convincing.

Phone Calls Offer Instant Communication

When existing customers experience issues with your products or services, they will likely need immediate and personalised assistance. This is difficult to provide through instant messaging, especially when they are having trouble explaining the situation through text. Additionally, potential customers are more likely to call when they are ready to decide on a high-value purchase.

Phone Calls Improve Lead Quality

Improve business performance by building a better customer database. It is no longer enough to generate leads; you need a more targeted approach to increase conversion rates and improve retention rates. These are easily achievable through phone calls. With the proper training, agents can use calls to collect valuable information about your customers, from their problems and needs to their spending behaviour and expectations.

Phone Calls Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Your local strategies might not be as effective abroad. Once you’ve enhanced your customer database, you can use the information to improve your marketing campaigns.

  • Combine location-based targeting with demographic targeting to develop strategies that will result in conversions.
  • Use the information you gathered to create localised digital marketing campaigns to increase website traffic.
  • Utilise a “click-to-call” button on your website to give website visitors instant access to your call centre as they browse your web pages.

Planet Numbers: Your Partner in Expanding Your Reach

Planet Numbers understands the importance of phone calls to a business, especially those looking to expand their reach to other countries. We provide international phone numbers that give your audience a free or cheaper alternative to traditional inter-country phone calls. Additionally, we provide customisation services that personalise your acquired phone number to your brand.

For the last two decades, Planet Numbers has helped UK-based businesses expand their reach across the globe. We are a phone number provider you can trust to help you grow your business. Having worked with people from different industries, we know how to accommodate your specific needs into your chosen phone plan.  The international phone numbers we provide are suitable for companies of all sizes, from e-commerce start-ups to medium to large-sized enterprises. Additionally, these are virtual numbers which allow you to skip the long installation process. You also don’t need additional equipment or infrastructure for this type of phone number.

Learn more about what we have to offer when you get in touch with our team. Call us on 0800 0886 886 or leave a message here.

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