Book a hotel for a holiday in the sun as the cold sets in

12th November 2012

When the frosty conditions set in across the UK every winter, many people take it as the perfect time to escape from the cold to warmer shores, booking a holiday to a far off land where the sun beats down this time of year.

However, leaving it this late to book a December holiday can often result in being disappointed, as most hotels appear to be fully booked when checking their websites.  This needn’t be the end of your dreams of a warm winter though, as quite often last-minute rooms can be found if you contact the hotel directly via telephone.

But isn’t that really expensive, adding extra cost when you’re already splashing out on a holiday?  Well no is the answer to that, it doesn’t have to be, if you use the Planet Numbers International Calls service instead of going directly through your normal service provider.  What’s more you can do it from a mobile phone, anytime and anywhere in the UK without any need for a landline (or you can just use a landline or even a phone box if you prefer but you can read more about that here).

Well that sounds good, but how do I do that?

Pick up your mobile and text the word “PLANET” to 68888.   Simple enough.  You’ll receive a speedy reply giving you your own unique PIN and crediting £5 worth of international calling credit straight to your mobile phone.

Next call our access number on 0161 328 2820 to hear a greeting and your current balance.  Whilst on the line to the access number next type 00 followed with the international number you wish to call.  This will connect you automatically, there is no need to press the send/call button again as it may charge you for two calls.

If at any time you wish to top up your credit, simply text the same word “PLANET” again to the same 68888 number.  It really is that easy.


Great, but where should I go?

Well that’s entirely up to you!  But if it’s sun and warmth you’re after instead of the bleakness of the British winter months, then we recommend somewhere like Spain, Morocco, Mexico or Cyprus – with calls to Spain, Morocco and Cyprus from your mobile cost just 1.5p/minute, whilst Mexico is only 2p/minute.

So don’t give up hope on that winter warmer yet!

For more information and full terms of service, visit us here.


Phil Sinkinson