Britain – A Nation of the Uninsured

1st March 2013

Whatever your opinion of the Great British Public, it would seem the facts show we are a nation of clumsy and forgetful individuals when it comes to looking after something so many of us rely on in our day-to-day lives – our smartphones.

A staggering 81% of us have at some point had their phone lost, stolen or broken (I know have, at least twice) and yet we still forget to do something that can make these incidents a lot more painless – insure it.

Research from found that out of the 81% of 2,467 UK adults, a massive 74% of them had no insurance covering their phone.  This was possibly a very convenient result for their study, given that they are a website that supplies phone insurance and they were possibly trying to make a point just to drive through more sales.  However, whatever the motives behind their survey, the statistics are pretty shocking.

There were various excuses and reasons coming out for exactly why they had no insurance.  A foolhardy 21% believed that if their device was damaged or lost, then it would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  If only it were that easy.  42% displayed the typical British attitude that they “hadn’t got round” to getting their phone insured.  17% just assumed that they wouldn’t need it at all.

Unfortunately for all of the above, it cost an average of £145 for their phones to be repaired or replaced.  I’m sure it also cost them a lot of time, effort and patience on the phone to the police and/or their service providers and/or their manufacturers trying to locate their device and/or then trying to get it repaired or replaced.

With probably set to benefit from their own findings, director Jason Brockman commented that it was “unbelievable to think that the majority of mobile phones out there continue to go uninsured”.  Carrying on with his sales pitch Brockman said “if, like the majority of people, you risk not getting an insurance policy for your handset, you could end up hundreds of pounds out of pocket if something goes wrong”.

Thanks for stating the obvious, Jason.

Robin James