BT Outage affects 100,000 people

31st March 2010

This morning, at about 7.30am, disaster struck.

Please cast your minds back to my earlier post: Escape a business disaster with an 0845 number where I discussed the benefits of being able to get your number instantly redirected should something go wrong with your telephone number.

Well this morning, my point was proven.

At 7.30am on the 31st March, a flood AND a fire at the Paddington exchange wiped out 100,000 people’s internet and phone service around the UK. This meant, for Planet Numbers customers, that if their non-geographic telephone number was routed to a BT landline, there’s a chance that they would be missing calls.

This is more than enough proof to show how vital our free redirect feature is. As soon as our customers were aware of the issue, they rang us up and got their NGN redirected to avoid missing calls. They rerouted their calls to mobiles, other landlines and some even left greeting messages to inform their customers of the recent outage.

For more information on BT’s service outage, please see this news release:

Escape a business disaster with an 0845 number