BT’s ditching its PSTN and ISDN networks: make sure you’re ready

26th January 2018

BT has announced that it’s moving all its telephone and internet services from its current PSTN and ISDN systems to a single new IP (Internet Protocol) network. This will happen by 2025.

If you’re not familiar with the jargon, PSTN is Public Switched Telephone Network, essentially an analogue, wire-based system. ISDN is Integrated Services Digital Network. This is the current digital network that most of us rely on for our internet connection as well as our phone calls.

What does this mean for your business?

The move to IP means all your phone calls are carried by an internet connection, along with all your online activity like web browsing, email and social media.

Of course, many businesses are already using VoIP — Voice Over IP – for their phone calls; in order to avoid the high line rental charges that BT and others demand, and because it’s an extremely flexible and easy-to-manage way to run your company’s phones. 

But what if you’re still on one of the old systems? Put simply, it’s time to start exploring the IP alternatives. As BT runs down the old lines, you should consider jumping ship sooner rather than later. If only for the amount of money you could save right now.

First deadline: 2020 

Although the old networks aren’t being deactivated until 2025, you won’t be able to buy equipment that connects to them after 2020 — just two years away. So right now’s the time to start planning. Certainly, it makes no sense to consider upgrading your ISDN system when you’ll have to ditch it in 2025 at the latest. 

We’re here to help

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