Budget-cost International Calls

15th April 2009

Ever made an international call without one eye on your watch? Ever wondered when the person at the other end would stop waffling and get off the line? Ever had that sinking feeling, when younger sister Annabelle in Brisbane, wants you to say hello to little Jonathan and Kylie. Of course Jonathan and Kylie have to be in the pool at the time.

Well, the answer to your prayer is here, come like a godsend. You can now make international calls without your bill hitting a new high and your heartbeat going out of sync.

Here’s how to beat being ripped off by the avaricious telecom giants. They charge an arm and a leg to make an international call. These companies, with insatiable appetites, make a killing every time you dial a 0845 or 0870 number. They have a confusing tariff driven by the day of the week and the time of day, leaving you little flexibility.

Give yourself a break and check out Cherry-Call.co.uk . We promise you it will be an eye-opener. And Cherry Call isn’t fussy. The rates remain week-in and week-out, sunrise to sunset then back to sunrise again.

Check out some of their mind-blowing per minute rates:

  • Pakistan: landline 5p – Mobile (when called from landline) 8p
  • Australia: landline 1.5p – Mobile (when called from landline) 6p
  • Canada: landline 1p – Mobile (when called from landline) 1p
  • Spain: landline 1p – Mobile(when called from landline) 10p
  • USA: landline 1p – Mobile: (when called from landline) 1p

So work it out – if you call sister Annabelle on Saturday night – Sunday morning for her, and if you speak to the whole family – Jonathan, Kylie – and their pet parakeet – it will still cost you just 15p on the landline or 66p on her mobile (but you might get her without Jonathan, Kylie and their parakeet).

What if you phoned through one of the killer sharks? It would have set you back £2.25 at the very least.

So does it make sense?