Business Grade VoIP: Remote Working Made Simple!

23rd September 2020

For all that 2020 has presented a series of challenges for just about everyone, there are more than a few good moments we can take from these past few months. Employment has changed massively – to the extent that, in order to stay safe, many people have had to start working from home. This has proven to be controversial with some businesses and professionals – but for many, it’s been a great way to gain new flexibility in the working day.

Remote working was already becoming more and more popular, and these recent circumstances have shown millions how flexible and manageable working from home can actually be. However, one thing that has been playing on business owners’ minds is the strength of connectivity. What’s more, won’t it cost more to pay for mobile communications out in the field?

Not necessarily – that’s where business grade VoIP comes in, and where you can start thinking out of the box and move into the cloud!

How Can VoIP Help With Mobile Working?IP telephone device

Previously, the only way to fund telecommunications on the go for remote and field agents was to set up separate mobile phone contracts. While it’s still possible to do this, it may not always be the most cost-effective route towards comms from home. Did you know that it’s perfectly possible to share your business standard communications with employees and team members working outside of the office?

That’s all thanks to advances in VoIP. VoIP is a data-driven voice communications standard, which also blends together video conferencing and other tools. Crucially, it replaces the need for you to speak to people via traditional telephony and PSTN by running everything through a data connection.

VoIP is also completely manageable through the cloud. This means that there’s no need for you to muddle yourself with cables and connections in-house. You simply have a singular, efficient VoIP host set up via the cloud – such as through Planet Numbers – and you can simply log in with your own unique IDs and passwords to gain access. It really is as simple as that.

Therefore – consider the implications for remote working. This means that anyone working from phones and laptops on the go can connect to the same business grade VoIP, even if they are far outside your main base! It’s incredible comms flexibility that’s built for the modern age.

Enhanced Quality and Stability

One of the main complaints that remote and home workers have regarding telephone communications is that they are not always reliable on the go. This is understandable. After all, if you’re dependent on a 4G or 5G connection, you may find that your calls start to get spotty over time. It all depends on where you are, a lot of the time!
With a remote, business grade VoIP service, your remote team will have access to crystal-clear calls and nothing to fear regarding spottiness or dropouts. Those annoying moments where you are in the middle of a conversation and go through a train tunnel – losing connection along the way – really can be things of the past.

In the modern age, businesses and professionals need access to reliable, steadfast communications which can be as flexible as they need to be. Instead of relying on dodgy mobile connectivity and the like, you can share your incredible VoIP stability with remote and home workers as much as they require. What’s more, you still only pay the same flat rate for the VoIP package you sign up for. It really is an affordable way to make sure your team stays connected, wherever they might be.

Great for Your Customers

Let’s not forget your customers and clients! The fact is, more stability and more availability in calling for remote workers is going to make things amazingly convenient for your callers, too. Many times, potential leads and customers may feel put off or frustrated when they’ve been unable to see a call or two through to completion. This might not be through any fault of your own, either!

Therefore, in this day and age – when you really need to capitalise on every lead you can – it makes sense to lead with a reliable, unflappable mobile comms platform. Beyond this, you need to show your callers that you are professional and reliable at all times. If you can’t even get your phone connectivity down pat, how are your callers going to feel about the other services and packages you offer?

It’s time to make sure that you offer seamless, reliable telephone communications not only for your team’s benefit, but also to appeal to your regular callers. This will increase the number of agents you have available at any one time, and it will hugely reduce the chance of clients dropping off due to bad lines. You need to do all you can to offer exceptional service, and that starts with your communications standards.

Ready to Make The Leap?

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses affected by the shift to home working this year, you may already have made a few big changes to really open things up to your remote workers. The great news is that there is always more than you can do to really keep things flexible. Set up business grade VoIP at the office and offer your remote and home workers the chance to connect on the go. It’ll mean that they receive the same level of stability and clarity you can expect in-house!

VoIP is fast becoming the standard for voice calling in the UK and worldwide. Planet Numbers offers a flexible, simple VoIP transition service which will enable you to upgrade from standard telephony to the new digital platform your rivals may already be taking advantage of.

Don’t leave your clients, callers, customers, and team members standard with sub-standard communications! Call us now or take a look at our packages – and we will be sure to line up a plan of action to bring your voice comms into the modern age. You owe it to your staff, your callers, and your brand!

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