Watch your business grow with a 0800 number

16th October 2017

When you run a customer-facing business and want to improve your customer service, it’s essential that you’re at the top of your game. 0800 numbers have been around for more than thirty years, and are one of the most popular extensions for businesses looking to offer “free” customer service to their clients and patrons. Below, we round up the reasons why.

What are 0800 numbers?

First launched in 1985, 0800 numbers are free phone numbers. The 0800 brand is one of, if not the most, widely-known and celebrated extension, appearing in all sorts of television advertisements over the years with catchy jingles. They’re widely recognised as being a free phone line, which is perhaps the biggest selling point of installing a 0800 line.

What are the biggest benefits of a 0800 number?

Free to call: The biggest benefit of a 0800 number is that they’re free to call from a UK landline – and 2015 legislation made the numbers free to call from mobiles, too

Memorable: Choosing a 0800 number can make your business and telephone number instantly more memorable. Indeed, some of the country’s most famous businesses have centred their advertising campaigns and brands around their 0800 number. Take Hastings Direct and SafeStyle UK as two popular examples – catchy tunes with a 0800 number.

Cheap: When you invest in one of the 0800 numbers for business offered here at Planet Numbers, you’ll pay just £12.50 per month. This package includes 500 minutes of inclusive calls, online control, call statistics, missed call alerts and voicemail, all for one low monthly price. And, should you need more than 1,000 minutes of call time, we offer cheap packages and add-ons to suit your exacting needs and requirements.

Transportable: When you invest in one of our 0800 numbers, you won’t have to be tied down to a particular location. You won’t have to reprint stationery and rerun advertising when you move offices because your number can be directed to whichever phone line you like.

Nationwide: If you want to take your business nationwide, then having a local number that represents just one area of the country won’t work. A 0800 number can be used wherever you are, so if you expand into other areas and want to offer the same customer service from one central location, you won’t need to invest in multiple phone numbers or local lines.

Professionalism: A 0800 number can suggest that your business is professional and takes itself seriously – and, as a side note, it can make your business appear larger than it is.

Responsiveness: Businesses reported a 185% increase in responsiveness from customers when they switched to a 0800 number, so if you’re looking to get more calls to your business for sales and retention purposes, installing a line makes commercial sense.

There you have it – just some of the reasons why a 0800 number can help your business grow. If you’re considering adding a line to your business, call Planet Numbers today on our own 0800 line – 0800 088 6035 – and a member of the team will be able to assist.