Business phone numbers – mostly used prefixes

23rd January 2009

Business Phone Numbers in the United Kingdom are non-geographical telephone numbers. They are offered to callers (customers) as a contact number with no indication to the geographical location of the number being called. The owner of those numbers can redirect their calls to non-geographical numbers to any other phone number (mobile or international).

Non-geographical prefixes

Here are the prefixes of mostly used business phone numbers in the UK:

Prefix 03 – recommended by Ofcom to replace old 084 and 087 services.
Prefix 080 – are freephone numbers – they are free to call from landline, if called from mobile 080 numbers can be charged at a premium rate.

Prefixes 084 and 087 are mostly used for non-geographical business phone numbers, calls to them cost differently from free (0845, 0870) up to 10p a minute from BT landlines. They are used by companies, organisations and government departments.

03 numbers and other memorable alpha dial numbers

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