Buy an 0345 number and get a FREE 0845 Fax-To-Email

23rd November 2010

It’s a well known fact that the UK are in a deep recession. Businesses, large and small, are folding at a steady rate. Even the multi-million pound football clubs, who have spent millions in the past buying footballers, are now feeling the strain, with many of them going into administration and facing closure.

Everyone needs to spend wisely and businesses are checking their annual spend to see where they can cut costs. Most businesses realise the importance of a good contact telephone number and rarely cut theirs from their spending costs. Of course, a business cannot make money unless they’re contactable in the first place which makes having a great contact number a necessity.

To make life easier for business owners, we’ve decided to help as much as we can with keeping the cost of running a business as low as possible. That’s why we’re offering a great new deal for anyone buying an 0345 number.

As long as you quote “FAX” when you place an order, you can now benefit from a FREE 0845 fax-to-email number whenever you buy an 0345 number. Not only that, the 0845 number can exactly match the 0345 number that you purchase, meaning that you can keep the image that you’ve created for your business. If you have one of our special memorable telephone numbers, you can keep the memorability of your number by changing just one digit.

For example, if your contact number is 03453 888 999 we’d be able to offer you 08453 888 999 for your customer to fax you. That fax is instantly converted to an email and sent to the email address of your choice, saving time and paper.

This offer cannot last forever so be sure to call us or leave a comment below in order to cash in on this great offer.