Call abroad with the touch of a button

22nd March 2010

It seems everyone wants to make a cheap international call these days. Calling abroad directly from your landline is expensive. Calling abroad directly from your mobile is extortionate.

Our popular service, the £5 top up facility, enables users to call abroad from their mobile from as little as a penny a minute. To activate this, simply text the word PLANET to 68888 and wait for the text message back. In this text message will be your unique PIN number and and access number to enable these cheap calls.

We’ve just made an extraordinary discovery. At the moment, you’ll need to dial our access number 0161 328 2820, then your PIN number and then the full international number. We’ve found a way you can use our cheap international call service just by locating the international number in your phone book and hitting the ‘call button.’

In order to do so, just type this into your mobile telephone: 01613282820pp *PIN NUMBER*ppp *international number* and save it as your contact. Next time you want to call this person, all you have to do is find it in the address book and press call. The ‘p’ acts as a pause in the dialing which can be created by holding down the * button on your keypad.

The same goes for our shortcode service. Add this into your telephone phonebook: 290777pp*international number* – it’ll do the exact same thing.