Call home cheaply this winter, with one simple text

30th October 2012

The holiday season is almost upon us, a special time of year when many friends and families prefer to feel closer to each other than during the rest of year, contacting those they don’t see or hear from or see very often to bring some warmth to them as the temperatures plummet.

At Planet Numbers we understand the importance of keeping a tight budget at this time of year, especially when people around the world are forking out on presents for their loved ones as well as having to pay extra on their heating bills.

Not only is our service still ridiculously cheap at rates from just 1p a minute but at the start of this month we launched a new service for mobile phones allowing you to purchase Planet Numbers International Calling Cards via sending one simple SMS.

So how is it done?

By sending the word “PLANET” to 68888 from ANY UK mobile phone (currently not including Virgin Mobile sorry), you will receive an immediate reply from us with a unique PIN allowing you to access our service. This will put £5 calling credit into your account.

The next step is to dial the access number 0161 328 2820. A voice will greet you and tell you your current balance just as if you were checking your credit balance on your regular mobile phone network. However unlike calling internationally with regular networks, we will only charge you a fraction of the price, saving you a ton of money at the time you need it most.

Whilst on the line to the access number next type 00 followed with the international number you wish to call! This will connect you automatically, there is no need to press the send/call button again as it may charge you for two calls.

Is it really that simple? What’s the catch?

Yes it really is that simple and no there’s no catch! There is no automatic re-subscription, if you want to top up your account by another £5 simply text PLANET to 68888 again. There are no hidden daily charges, the rate will always be what is advertised on our website and doesn’t depend on the time of day you are calling or what mobile network you are using.

In case you’re still worried, more information and full terms of service on International Calling Cards can be found here.

Cheap international calls at your fingertips

The ease of use of our new service allows you to call anywhere in the world for some of the cheapest rates in the UK.

So, whilst you’re freezing in the harshness of the UK winter, why not call a loved one on the other side of the world and let them gloat to you over the phone of how warm they are, basking in the glorious sunshine of summertime in Australia and New Zealand, with calls from just 1.5p/minute to Australia and only 1p/minute to New Zealand!

At the other end of the scale are Canada and the USA who quite often have far harsher winters than we do here in Britain. You could be cheering up your snowed under loved ones whilst they can’t go outside the house, with calls from your mobile for just 1p/min to Canada and 1.5p/min to the USA.

The cheap calls don’t stop there however, with a vast range of countries available, simply find the correct number to dial when connected to the access number by searching our list of countries.