Call Recording Means Better Customer Support

5th December 2008

Call Recording

Call Recording: simply sent straight to your email inbox as a mp3 file

Here is how the call recording service works:

  • Your customer dials your 0845 number
  • When connected, the customer is played a recorded message, informing him that the call is being recorded.
  • The phone call is picked up and carried on  as usual.
  • The complete phone call is recorded
  • mp3 files of the phone call  is sent straight to your email inbox along with the date, time and CLI of the call.

Planet Numbers Call Recording service makes it simple to record all your incoming calls. There’s no extra equipment to set up. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to monitor employees’ performance for training and feedback and more important: recording calls are great help with customer service disputes.

The message your customers hear is the one you choose and record your own messages, you can change it as often as you want to, or you can keep a default message: “Please hold while we connect your call. Please be advised that calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes”.

Availability and prices

Virtual offices assist profitability. Our range of services can offer flexible routing to different locations, dependant on time of day, week or year.

Virtual Office services give your customer superstar service and a more pleasant calling experience. And they give you more flexibility and greater control over your incoming sales calls.