Call Tracking and Call Reporting

15th June 2012

Planet Numbers offers a multi-number Tracker Package, which allows business owners to utilize multiple 0800 numbers, 0844 numbers and 0845 numbers, and then track the numbers to see where customer calls are coming from.

If you run a business, there are many reasons for you to enact a system of call tracking and call reporting. First of all, call reporting is one of the best ways to measure your advertising response rates. By keeping track of the customer response you get, you can tailor your advertising to reach maximum effectiveness. By doing so, you can make it so that you get the highest ROI possible.

The benefits of having call tracking and call reporting are obvious, and so are the reasons for going with Planet Numbers.

It’s easy to work with

With the system offered by Planet Numbers, you can run different advertising campaigns in different forms of media, and check precisely which ones are generating business for you. By using such analytic techniques, you can avoid wasting money on advertising campaigns that are not working for you.

Thanks to the online system established by Planet Numbers, you can easily check on the numbers for your advertising campaigns. Even if you aren’t especially experienced with computer set-ups, you can check on your numbers with the click of a mouse. With your very own personal online portal, you can track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns in real time, which means that you always have up to date information.

As if that were not enough, there are even more reasons to utilize the Planet Numbers services when you want to set up call tracking and call reporting for your business.

Suited to your needs

Planet Numbers understands that every business has its own particular needs, and that is why they allow business owners to customize the call tracking and call reporting package for themselves.

The cheapest international calls in the UK have long been offered by Planet Numbers, and the prices offered for call tracking and call reporting are also very reasonable. The packages are also tailored to suit your needs, as they start with a low cost introductory package and gradually increase in cost. Thanks to the variety of packages offered, you no longer have to pay for more services than you wish to use.

And speaking of not paying more than you have to, Planet Numbers offers several services for free once you’ve set up call tracking and reporting for your business. These services may help to increase the effectiveness of your inbound handling. The services that are available for free with call tracking and call reporting include; call recording, call queuing and time of day routing. Call whisper services are also available for free.

Planet Numbers is the best company to go with when you want to enact call tracking and call reporting services. By taking Planet Numbers up on their offer, you can send your business into overdrive.