Calls for Investment

24th October 2015

With many businesses focusing on the run up to Christmas and end-of-year targets, this hectic time of year can often feel like the weeks become days and the months become weeks!

With new deals on the table, investments, suppliers and clients to liaise with, making overseas calls through the big operators can quickly see costs spiralling out of control. Thankfully, Planet Numbers is here to help keep your accountant happy and make your life that little bit simpler! Once again, we’ve managed to bring the rates down on a selection of our overseas call destinations.

It has been great to see Xi Jinping sampling a few British delights, exploring a few choice spots in both London and Manchester and offering China’s backing for investment in British infrastructure this week. If you’d like to make new overseas connections without the hassle, Planet Numbers is just the ticket.

Take a look at the great deals we’ve managed to secure for you this month…

Antigua Barbuda Mobile… down to 20p per min!
Aruba… down to 9p per min!
Azores Mobile… down to 1p per min!
Bangladesh… down to 3p per min!
Colombia Mobile… down to 9p per min!
Dominican Republic… down to 2.5p per min!
Ecuador Mobile… down to 20 p per min!
Estonia Mobile… down to 25p per min!
French Polynesia… down to 18p per min!
Iraq Mobile… down to 18p per min!
Italy Mobile… down to 2p per min!
Jordan… down to 8p per min!
Lithuania Mobile… down to 3p per min!
Monaco… down to 5p per min!
Northern Marianas… down to 3p per min!
Norway Mobile… down to 2.5 p per min!
Palestine Mobile… down to 18p per min!
Paraguay Mobile… down to 4p per min!
Peru Mobile… down to 4p per min!
Portugal Mobile… down to 2.5p per min!
Saipan… down to 3p per min!
South Sudan Mobile… down to 30p per min!
Thailand… down to just 2p per min!
Ukraine Mobile… down to 10p per min!
Uzbekistan… down to 5p per min!

Although China isn’t on our hit list this month, you can still make calls there for as little as 2p per minute, so whilst David Cameron has been sipping IPA in the North, you can be securing your own investment from the East!

If you’d like to keep things simple and pre-pay for your overseas calls, simply text ‘PLANET’ to 68888 to receive £5 worth of calling credit. Once you’ve used it up send another text and off you go! If you’d prefer to have the option of making cheap international calls from any phone without the hassle of PIN numbers, our Planet Numbers Account is perfect.

Creating an account takes no time at all and you won’t have to go through any annoying credit checks or worry about unexpected bills; simply top-up your account with credit using our secure online payment portal et voila! By signing up to a Planet Numbers Account you also unlock other handy services and extras, including speed dial for your top 10 overseas numbers and the option to share your access number with family, friends and colleagues so they too can make cheap overseas calls all on one account!