Calls to Pakistani mobiles may be suspended for Election Day on 11th May 2013

10th May 2013

In an announcement that affects our customers, the latest news out of Pakistan is that it is highly likely cellular and other wireless services will be taken offline for Election Day due to security concerns over recent terrorist activities in the Karachi and KPK.

Cellular companies in the country fear that there may be a blanket ban from 7am 11th May to 7am 12th May.  Mobile phones are already banned in polling stations and it is thought the policy will be extended to not just cover sensitive areas, but the whole country.

Suspension of service is likely to majorly inconvenience both consumers and service providers, with neither being compensated for loss of service.  Experts on the situation suggest that whilst the severe security problem is understandable, a blanket suspension should be the very last resort, and not the first option the authorities decide to take.

Unfortunately this means that our cheap calls service to Pakistan may be affected over this weekend, which is something regrettably beyond our control.  It is thought that services to landline numbers should be operating as normal.