Be Amazed – 0800 numbers for just £12.50

12th April 2019

Get an 0800 number for just £12.50

When I’m talking to small businesses about their sales and marketing budgets I’m constantly amazed at how many of them think that Freefone 0800 numbers are still an expensive no-no. So when I tell them that we provide 0800s for just £12.50 a month (and with no set-up or connection charge) they’re often pretty surprised.

In these days of hidden ripoff charges for customer calls, everyone loves calling a Freefone number. That means more calls, more interaction, more business. (One survey measured an 185% increase in response to advertising, simply by adding an 0800.)

500 incoming minutes included0800 freefone numbers

With your £12.50 package, you get 500 minutes of incoming calls to your landline included, or 250 minutes to mobiles. Most small businesses find this is more than enough, but if you go over your allowance you simply pay 3p a minute for landline calls, 6p for mobiles. (And, unlike other suppliers, we charge by the second, not the minute.)

Add our super-helpful virtual switchboard services

With every Planet Numbers 0800 number, you can choose to add any of our virtual switchboard services. These include Time of Day Rerouting, Call Queuing, Welcome Greeting and many more.

Try an 0800 FREE for a month

Still not convinced that a Planet Numbers 0800 is right for your business? Then try one completely free for a month. We’ll have you up and running within 24 hours. Just click the button…

Need some help?

If you’d like some help picking a number and deciding what add-ons to pick, give us a call on 0800 088 6035, absolutely free of course!