Cheap Calls Abroad

25th October 2012

When you want to speak to your friends and family abroad, having access to cheap international calls is very important. This is where Planet Numbers comes in. Planet Numbers has long offered the lowest rates around on international calls from the UK. Depending on where you are calling and what type of phone you use, the rates for international calls can be as low as 1p a minute. This is about as low as international calling rates get.

With rates this low, there is ample reason to dial with Planet Numbers. However, there are even more reasons to go with Planet Numbers when you need to get in touch with people internationally.

Ease of use

There’s nothing difficult about making international calls with Planet Numbers. In fact, all you have to do is dial. There is no tedious registration form to fill out. This is because Planet Numbers understands the fact that your time is precious, and that no one wants to spend their day filling out boring sign-up forms.

Because Planet Numbers also understands that your money is valuable, there is no sign up fee charged. The only thing you get charged for is the actual calls you make.

Once it comes time for the bill, the charges for low cost international calls are simply added on to your pre-existing phone bill. As such, there is no extra paperwork to add to the pile on your desk. Instead, you can pay all of your phone charges at the same time.

There are also other reasons to go with Planet Numbers when you want to make cheap international calls.

Everyone’s invited to the party

For mobile users, low cost international calls are also available. Whether your call is being made mobile to land-line or mobile to mobile, there are low rates available to you. When you make mobile calls with Planet Numbers, rates as low as 1p per minute are available to you.

Business owners will be happy to know that they are also included in the low prices on international calls offered by Planet Numbers. In the past, those people who were paying the bill for a business phone number had to resign themselves to the fact that they were going to be charged rates much higher than residential customers for international calls. However, because Planet Numbers doesn’t believe it to be fair to overcharge any customer, business calls as well as residential callers can benefit from low calling rates. All UK telephone numbers are eligible for the savings offered by Planet Numbers.

Because Planet Numbers offers low rates on calls to locations throughout the world, you are almost guaranteed to be able to get a hold of your loved one abroad. Because of their low rates, as well as the astounding customer service they offer, Planet Numbers is the best place to turn to when you need to make long distance calls at low rates.