Cheap International Call Service – Line Status

1st February 2010

From time to time, things don’t quite work as expected. It could be for a variety of reasons, such as bad network if you’re calling a mobile or problems with your service provider.

The majority, any failed calls will be down to something simple, like misdialing or not including the international area code. So please check the number before ringing up to log an issue.

For example, when dialing a number in America like: 02334872736, the international code is 001. Because of this, you will have to remove the first zero from your original number like this (0)2334872736 and add the 001. The correct number to enter, once prompted will be 001-2334872736

If you’re still experiencing problems with our service, please send an email to with full information of the issue you’re having or, if it’s urgent, please call our customer services helpline on 0333 370 7333. We’re always delighted to help.