Mind-blowing prices on overseas calls – on a mobile!

24th April 2009

Regular callers get to call overseas for peanuts. How does Australia sound for 2p per minute, or the USA at 1p, France and Germany for 1.5p? And all from your mobile phone. Interested? Then read on.

To get these mind-blowing savers all you have to do is pay an upfront deposit of £5. You can do this by sending a text message from the mobile you intend using for your overseas calls. Then use the same mobile, dial a special code to activate your discount, followed by the overseas number. When your balance is low just text another top-up of £5 to stay connected always.

Want to activate right now?

  1. Call 090 4446 4446. You will be charged £5 (plus your phone provider’s access charge) which is the pre-paid amount standing to your credit for the new service.
  2. Then call our access number 0161 328 2820. (Calls to this number are chargeable at your provider’s standard rate or included in your monthly minutes.) Then starting with 00, enter the international number you wish to call.
  3. When your credit runs out, top up with another £5 following the same procedure.

This service has no daily or connection charges attached. No matter the time of day or night or which service provider you use, the rate remains the same – no hidden charges, no PINS, no passwords.

Go on, reach out for your mobile and start texting. What are you waiting for?