The Cheapest Mobile Roaming when Abroad

5th February 2009

How to save even more money when travelling alone
When abroad, your phone bills could be crippling. It is your network which will be raking in the big bucks. Maybe you’d like to leave your phone behind, but in this day and age, that is impractical. Communication, instant communication at that, is critical in the present environment. Here are a few suggestions to keep your phone bills, when abroad, down to a manageable level.

  • Sending text messages is a cheaper alternative. A text message apart from being instant, is quick and confined to the minimal possible words. It is a form of self-discipline and you learn to compress your words.
  • When you receive a call whilst abroad you are invariably charged for it. But this does not apply to incoming text messages which are free. However, if you feel that a communication is going to result in text messages flying back and forth, than possibly using the phone in this instance may be preferable.
  • Depending upon whom you want to communicate with, you might consider sending them a text message asking them to call you. This is another way of keeping down your phone bill.
  • Surprisingly in certain European countries sending a picture message (MMS) is cheaper than a text message. So it makes sense to send an MMS instead. If you do not have a picture to send, just stick the words in the message and send it anyway. It works just as well.
  • Never use a hotel telephone. The rates are horrendous. At the end of the day when you’d like to talk to family and friends at home, send them a text message with the hotel number and ask them to call you back.
  • Buy a phone card when abroad. This will give you a set amount of time to speak. The procedure is very simple — you dial a free prefix number from your mobile phone to access the number you wish to call. Phone cards are available readily with most newsagents. Here again, there are various types of phone cards at differing rates. On the Internet, comparison sites will tell you which are the cheapest.
  • Instruct your network to switch off your voice mail whilst abroad. Whether the phone is switched or not, most networks charge for voice mail. In this case the overseas rates apply. Even worse, the call to retrieve your voice mail will be at the overseas price. If you have to use voice mail, then rerecord your message to keep it as short as possible. Ask the people who call you to do the same, and only if unavoidable.