Check In With British Airways Using Your Mobile!

26th October 2010

As well as being able to make calls, send texts and receive emails, Smartphones, such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry are a traveler’s ideal companion. Airports expect you to arrive for check-in over two hours before the flights departure and, should check-in go swimmingly, you’re left with an awful lot of spare time on your hands.

So what to do to pass the time? Sure, there’s a lot of duty free shops for your perusal. Sure, the arcade games are fun but often very expensive. So you dig into your pocket and reveal the shiny orb of entertainment, the Smartphone.

With millions of apps to download, such as games, live television, maps and social networking programs, the smartphone ensures that your wait is enjoyable. For YOU at least.

Now, the clever-clogs have come up with an ingenious idea. Why not make sure that your eyes are NEVER taken of this small block of electronic goodness and use it for check-in too?

And so it was born. Now fancy smartphone owners can cut the queues of screaming children and sunburnt holiday makers and blissfully stroll through the desks, without having to even lift their eyes from their live feed of Cash In The Attic. They just download the app and that’s check-in dealt with. Simple.

Have you got an idea for a Smartphone app that you feel needs to be introduced? Comment below on your ideas, no matter how ridiculous!