Christmas gift from Planet Numbers

21st December 2010

When the snowman brings the snow, well he just might like to know – he’s put a great big smile, on somebody’s face.

It’s startlingly close. The mad stampede of Christmas shoppers has hit it’s peak, with shops filled to the brim with shoppers desperately trying to purchase this years ‘must have’ gifts. On Saturday, friends and family alike will gather around the Christmas tree to exchange the gifts that they’ve spent the last 4 weeks buying. Three days later, after the drinks have worn off and the Christmas hats have been well and truly ripped the shreds by the dog. After the Nephew has finally melted his brand new Action Man in the microwave. After the board game, that was so considerately bought for the family, ends in a black eye and a divorce, the world will slowly resume order.

Sadly, due to the freak snow fall, many of those who had hoped to travel to spend their Christmas with their family and friends, find themselves stranded. With airports having to cancel and delay flights due the the snow, those who have family abroad, will face similar struggles.

At Planet Numbers, we don’t panic and we certainly don’t leave our Christmas shopping to the last minute. We’ve been planning a gift for our customers since July and we’ve always known exactly what to get you.

This Christmas, we’ve reduced many of our rates to call abroad. We understand how important your friends and family are during the Christmas period so we dropped our calling rates right down, so you can spend longer on the phone and contact those who might not be able to visit.

We’ve dropped calls to Andorra landlines by a gigantic 5p/minute. Now you can call for just 10p/minute, in opposed to the 15p/minute previously.

We’ve dropped calls to Danish mobiles, from 8p/minute to an even more impressive 7p/minute.

Calling an Irish mobile has been dropped by a further 5p/minute. Making it just 10p/minute to call.

There are so many more reductions in calling that it’s probably best if you check out the website. Please make sure that you’re paying the cheapest price possible, by frequently visiting as our prices often do go down!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you all for being our customers. We wouldn’t be here without you.