Contact your friends and family during holidays

18th November 2010

Despite being referred to as the ‘Holiday Period’, this time of year is normally the most hectic for people. There are so many cards to write, so much shopping to do and so much organising to think about. It’s often the most expensive time of year for people too, with the average family spending over £750 in the month of December on gifts alone.

One of the biggest contributing factors to this costs are telephone bills. If you’re as popular as I am… (ahem)… then you’ll have an awful lot of friends to call, from all around the globe. When calling somewhere like the Thailand, where the majority of my fans… sorry ‘friends’… are based, staying on the phone for too long can have a huge impact on your telephone bill, sending it sky high.

That’s where Planet Numbers’ cheap international call service comes in to save Christmas. Calls to Thailand cost just 1p/minute, no matter what time you’re calling, every single day. Compare that to the 77p/minute that BT charge, it saves you over £45.60 an hour! That £45.60 could be used to by Christmas presents instead.

Although this article may be slightly premature, seeing as it’s only the 18th of November today, it’s always best to be prepared. Save yourself time and money by having all the numbers you wish to dial written down to hand. Calls to our access numbers are charged from the second you are connected, so save some extra pennies by being nice and organised.

Calls to Thailand are charged at 1p/minute and can be accessed by calling 0843 715 7777 directly from your landline.