10 Winning Tips in Customer Phone Service

4th February 2009

When a customer calls a company the first impression is created by the response he or she receives. Too often, the wrong response sets an improper platform for further discussion. The following are 10 points to help you win over your customers.

1. The Proper Response

Speak slowly and clearly in a well modulated tone so that you are easily understood. Your response must start with the company’s name followed by your name and a query as to ‘how you could assist the customer.

2. Calling a customer

When returning a customer’s call the same procedure should be observed.

3. A cheerful tone

Maintain a cheerful tone. Though the customer cannot see you, a lot is conveyed over the telephone line. A cheerful note will set the trend.

4. Listen carefully

Listen attentively, without interruption, to what the customer is saying whether it is a complaint or a request for information. Your response must be pertinent to what is needed.

5. Focus on the caller

Ensure that your attention is devoted solely to the caller. If you are making notes of the call or entering data into your computer let the caller know. The person at the other end is reassured when he or she knows that they have your undivided attention.

6. Don’t hedge

If you do not know the answer to the caller’s query tell them you will get back to them within a stipulated time. Make sure that once you have the answer to their question you get back within the time mentioned.

7. Calling another business

When you have to call another business first introduce yourself with your company’s name and your own. Then ask to be put through to the concerned department or person whom you have to deal with.

8. Dealing with multiple lines

if you are on the line to one caller and you receive a call on another telephone, ask the person you are speaking to hold for a moment while you respond to the other call. Tell the other caller you are already speaking to someone and would they mind waiting till you finish or alternatively, you will call them back. Customers are generally very accommodating when kept in the loop.

9. The customer is always right

This is a maxim you must never forget. Never argue no matter the circumstances. If the customer is irate allow him to vent his grievance without interruption. If your company is wrong than ascertain how best the company would like his grievance redressed.

10. Never take matters to heart

Sometimes the customer may speak rudely. Control yourself, remain calm and polite. More often than not such an attitude would calm the customer who will then correct himself. Whatever the outcome, do not take things to heart.