Customer Service – Can You Put A Price On It?

22nd June 2009

Customer Service

Truly great customer service is hard to come by. A lot of businesses forget the easy and important rule, ‘the customer is always right’  and focus solely on money.

But is this the right approach? Should a business try and gain as many customers and as much money as they can? Or should they focus on ensuring the customers they have continue to trade with them, even if it means they don’t gain as many customers?

In my opinion, every business’ motto should be: Quality Over Quantity. They should make sure that the customers they have are happy before they go about trying to gain more. What’s the point in wasting time, effort and money in trading with customers if you don’t know how to keep hold of them? In today’s global financial downfall, businesses should strive to keep hold of every customer, no matter how much money they spend.

That’s where Planet Numbers sets itself above the rest. The exquisite customer service ensures their customers are always happy. When a customer buys a service from Planet Numbers, they are issued with their very own account manager, who deals with all the redirects and number issues.