Don’t Get Caught Out in the Rain

23rd November 2015

It’s something that we see on the news each year, the Great British weather. Floods, snow, harsh frosts, gale force winds, ice – the list goes on, but do we actually take heed and plan for adverse weather?

Planning aheadDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning - Phone Systems

If you work or run a business in an area prone to flooding you may well purchase endless sandbags in an attempt to keep the water out, or if you’re on higher ground, you might even stockpile bags of salt to keep your carpark and walkways free of ice and snow. The important question is, however, have you safeguarded your communications?

Even if the weather doesn’t directly affecting your building, it can (and often does) affect phone lines and power cables.

Can you afford to let business go to your competitors?

So what would happen to your business if customers were unable to get in contact? Would they sit and wait in the hope that they could get in touch later that day, or even tomorrow? Unfortunately in our instantaneous society, this is highly unlikely and as we all know, first impressions count!

What’s the solution?

Fortunately, Planet Numbers has created a range of new innovative Emergency Call Routing Plans to keep you connected to the wider world should the unexpected happen. Our plans offer multiple solutions to ensure your business always has a reliable and secure communication network, no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you!

With a multitude of advanced options available, you can design a call routing plan that perfectly matches your needs. These include:

Percentage Routing – control how many lines you route to and what percentage of calls go to each line.

Time of Day – route calls to different locations depending on the time of day or day of the week.

Call Queuing with Announcement – with a custom announcement during call queuing, you can advertise special offers, new products or simply thank your customers for their custom.

Caller Announcement – play callers a pre-recorded message before the call is connected to let them know that you’re still open for business as usual, or explain any special steps you’ve taken to aid them through the bad weather.

Route Calls to Multiple Destinations – choose whether you’d like incoming calls routed to multiple destinations in a particular order or all at once

Live Call Answering – if nobody is available to take calls, we can take messages for your business during this disruptive time or direct calls where they are needed.

Voicemail – you can choose to play a pre-recorded voicemail message, clearly explaining your reduced hours or apologies for the unexpected closure, whilst giving your clients the opportunity to leave any important messages for you to retrieve at your convenience.

Once you’ve signed up to a Planet Numbers Emergency Call Routing Plan you are free to check and change all the finer details at any time through our online portal, so you’re always in complete control.

Get in touch to find out more

So should a tree branch damage a power line, lightening strike your building or flooding engulf your office, you’re always connected to your customers with Planet Numbers. Why not take a look at our Emergency Call Routing Plans in a little more detail here, or talk to one of our experienced advisors today about how we can help you.