Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging

14th April 2016

 There’s nothing more frustrating than when someone is uncontactable, and unlike your family and friends who may become worried and try again an hour or two later, customers can be fickle and will likely take their business elsewhere if you’re not there to answer their call in the first instance.

 So what’s the answer? You can’t be expected to sit by the phone waiting for someone to call – business isn’t like that. You need the flexibility to be able to travel the world at the drop of a hat, sit in on business meetings and focus on the task at hand.

 A friendly voice

Live Call Answering from Planet Numbers lets you do all this and much more, whilst still providing a friendly and professional voice at the end of the phone. Our well trained and highly experienced staff will promptly answer your call for you in a polite and professional manner before transferring the call directly to a landline or mobile number of your choice, or taking a message and sending it via email or SMS if you’re busy.

 Your business, your calls

 We will answer all calls in your company name and aim to pick up every call within 3 rings, so your callers will simply think they’re talking to your receptionist or secretary.

 More than one call at a time? No problem. We can answer multiple calls and ensure any message reaches you promptly. What’s more, we won’t charge you for nuisance calls or wrong numbers, leaving you to get on with what really matters.

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