Enjoy Free Conference Calls with Planet Numbers!

15th August 2016

Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone in one place to discuss that important project, mull over last week’s big meeting, brain storm a new product idea or just talk with all of your family members at once about your Christmas plans.

Here, there and everywhere

The thing is, that’s often not possible. Our modern day lives mean that usually everyone is here, there and everywhere and we’re rarely all in one place at the same time. There is an easy solution to this, thanks to our fantastic conference call technology!

You don’t have to run a business to enjoy FREE conference calls with Planet Numbers – friends and families can use this super service, too. Just think how easy it would be to arrange a surprise party for your parent’s wedding anniversary, or finalise the details for your stag do. Businesses and individuals alike can enjoy this awesome service.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Simply click here to fill in the form  or call us on 0345 077 7777 and we’ll send you your unique PIN code and Room ID.
2. Once you’ve done that, arrange a time for your conference call and let your colleagues, friends or family members know.
3. At the agreed time, everyone dials the conference access number, enters the PIN and Room ID and hey presto! You can chat, laugh, plan and discuss until your heart’s content!

Go pro with a Planet Numbers Pro Conferencing Account

Perfect if you hold regular conference calls, our pro account gives you access to extra features, plus access numbers from countries such as Hong Kong, Portugal, Russia, USA, Italy, Czech Republic and many, many more!

To find out more about this incredible service, click here or call 0345 077 7777 to talk to a member of our friendly team

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