Fax to Email and it’s benefits

16th July 2012

When you need to use fax to email, there’s no better way of doing it than with Planet Numbers. When you utilise Planet Numbers’ fax to email service, your sensitive faxes remain confidential. Fax to email services allow you to receive faxes in your email in-box, removing the need for separate fax machines. Planet Numbers use a PDF conversion process to ensure that your faxes are easily converted to a form you can access on any computer.

This company has long offered the lowest prices for international calls, and their rates for this service are also extremely competitive. Besides the fact that Planet Numbers offers the lowest rates for fax to email, thereby helping you to cut down your overall office expenses, there are several other reasons to go with them.

The easiest service around

It is tough to imagine an easier way of sending fax to email than doing it with Planet Numbers. For one thing, the faxes coming to you are sent directly to your email, which helps to ensure that the fax remains confidential. Having the faxes sent directly to your email also helps to ensure that faxes aren’t dropped. There are no paper jams when you send messages via fax to email. The distributing of faxes is thereby simplified.

Another way in which Planet Numbers fax to email service simplifies things is by eliminating the possibility of the busy signal. There is no trying again later when you send messages using this service.

The ease of payment for Planet Numbers fax to email service cannot be beaten. All you have to do is pay the usual set up charge with Planet Numbers, and then pay the service charge to maintain the 0845, 0844 or 0800 numbers you ultimately choose for your fax contact. Because there are countless numbers offered by Planet Numbers, there is a good chance that you will find the number that suits your business.

When you send messages fax to email as opposed to traditional faxing, you also have the convenience of avoiding the mess of paper and ink that is often associated with faxing. Instead, you can simply save your faxes on your computer, and print them only when you need. This cuts down on wasted paper and ink.

The productivity doesn’t stop

When you have faxes sent directly to your email, you can keep working no matter where you are. It is almost impossible to forget about incoming faxes when you open them simply by opening your email. Wherever it is possible for you to check your email, you can also check the faxes you have received. Even when you are away from the office, you need not miss your faxes.

For so many reasons, Planet Numbers is the company to use when you need to make fax to email connections. So the next time you require this type of service, all you have to do is get in touch with Planet Numbers.