Fax to E-mail Service Cuts Office Expenses

5th March 2009

Using a fax to email service has numerous advantages over the traditional fax machines. The whole process is a lot cheaper, easier to manage and helps to save on costs for running your business. These services are also often referred to as internet-based fax, e-fax or online fax services. Here are some benefits in detail to provide you a clearer image regarding the worth of using fax to email services.

Control spam and redundant faxes

Normal fax machines function with limited intelligence and tend to print nearly every fax that is received and this includes spam and redundant faxes, thereby providing restricted control. Whereas, fax to email services provide the option of monitoring and even blocking out certain specific faxes from being processed through or printed. Unlike the conventional fax machines, there is no need to check on the level of ink, replacement cartridges or rolls of paper for internet faxing. The usual operational problems posed by aging fax machines are further negated.

Send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously

Companies that have had dedicated fax numbers know how difficult it gets to get an important document faxed when multiple faxes are lined-up to be sent through or received. However, fax to e-mail service offers the comfort of sending and receiving multiple faxes simultaneously without any delay or the fear of not reaching the destination. These services provide some innovative options like Automatic Credit Renewal. Here, the user doesn’t need to credit his dedicated fax-to-email account on a regular basis. Every time the credit drops below a certain amount, a reminder is generated automatically and with a quick online confirmation, a fixed amount is credited from the user’s listed banking account. Other notable features include?

  • Comprehensive fax logs
  • Multiple simultaneous faxing

Reduce your office expenses

Most people tend to think of fax to e-mail service being cost-effective only in the form reducing costs related to paper or cartridge replacement but the scope of saving operational costs goes beyond this. Savings are also made in the form of reduced or negligible maintenance services and absence of any dedicated fax landlines. Internet fax services are being offered in the form of very competitive packages and most of them include some form of freebies. Usually, online faxing plans offered to businesses include a few hundred faxes absolutely free for every month.

Keep your old fax number

Switching from your conventional fax machine to contemporary fax to e-mail services isn’t cumbersome and your don´t have to apply for a new fax number. This is called number porting, where the original fax number is retained when changing over to online services. This removes the headache of updating existing clients about new fax numbers.