Fed up of missing calls?

2nd November 2011

How would you like to be able to not have to worry about missing another call from a current customer or possible new customer?

Missed call alerts are designed so you don’t miss out on a call. You and a possible 2 other emails addresses can be notified immediately if a customer has called but been unsuccessful at reaching someone. Missed call alerts will leave you an email with the date and time of the missed call and the number so you can return the call as soon as you are free.

improve call handling

This can help increase your business sales. If new customers can’t get through the first time then they are likely to go to a competitor. But with this excellent service you can call them back before they go to a competitor and hopefully catch their custom.

To find out more about this excellent service and how you can have this yourself you can either visit us on our Planet Numbers Services page or call one of our friendly sales adviser’s on 03450 777 777.

Also on our Services page you will find loads of other extras like Auto Attendant, Inbound Call Recording, Call Queuing, Fax to Email, Call Center Solutions, Time of Day Routing and many more.

All these services can lead to a greater business appearance as you are able to handle your calls more efficiently and more professionally.

UPDATE: Our call answering service means you’ll never miss another call again. And with a real person answering, your callers are much more likely to leave a message too.