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26th January 2010

The telecommunications business can be incredibly confusing. The costs of dialing certain numbers are often unclear, leaving many customers shocked when they receive their telephone bill.

Just how much does it cost to dial an 0845 number? When we try and get a decent idea of the costs, we are told that the cost is based on the service providers price plan that you hold. It might be less expensive off-peak or between the hours of 4.55pm and 4.56pm. You may have the non geographic bundle added on which excludes but does not limit to the minimum call duration of 17 minutes. If the day you’re calling on has an ‘U’ in the name, then you may be eligible for a 1% discount (terms and conditions apply) however if the day you are calling ends in a Y in it, you can expect a minimum call charge of between 8.5p to 10.7p.

If this confuses you as much as it does me, why don’t you leave a comment which we can forward on to OFCOM and clear it up once and for all?