Four reasons to use VoIP exclusively for your business

18th October 2018

Cutting down on expenditure while managing and expanding a growing business isn’t easy. Time, cost and energy are obviously essential commodities, but there are ways to increase efficiency, while reducing your outgoings.

A simple way to do so is to consider a switch to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony service. Using cloud-based software and an IP network, rather than a traditional telephone line and company, VoIP is a fully customizable, cost-effective service that converts analogue voice signals into digital signals, sends and receives them via a single broadband connection.Business VOIP Service

This means that you do not pay for the amount of time you spend using the service – or accumulate additional costs for calling another otherwise expensive location, e.g., an internationally-based client.

Cost-effective calls for your business

Not only does this mean cheaper, long-distance calls – the cost of essential internal communications between teams or offices will also be significantly reduced. It is possible to save anything up to 90% on international calls and 40% on local calls, by switching to a VoIP network. Provided your business already has a broadband connection, and a network of computers, the initial setup cost will also be low.

Installing VoIP for your business usually requires only additional software, and a set of compatible handsets, making even the transition itself extremely straightforward. While the requirements of each business will differ, depending on individual circumstances, VoIP is a flexible, dynamic service that can be tailored to suit a wide range of business structures, services and needs.

Integrate your mobile devices for work on the move

And this doesn’t just apply to your office and work-based staff. Many of you and your team may also operate remotely, or work while commuting, travelling, and visiting clients. The mobile devices of every employee can also be integrated into a single system, by switching to VoIP for business.

With a compatible device the only requirement, the majority of modern Smartphone’s will have no problem operating VoIP, app-based software. The technology allows users to make business calls and host video conferences, via their mobile devices, without accruing additional costs. This function, of course, also accommodates the electronic transfer of crucial documents, files and pictures.

Engage your customers more effectively

It is believed that by 2020, customer service will overtake price and product as the most important factor in the customer experience. VoIP technology integrates with many customer management systems (CMS), giving employees instant access to existing customer information, including purchase or transaction history, personal details, open queries, etc. at the point of contact. An abundance of additional, advantageous features also exist, for when your staff are communicating with the incoming customer; Caller ID, Call Waiting, Ring back, and, of course, Voicemail, are just some of them.

When contacting customers directly, the overall cost of outgoing calls may of course also be significantly reduced, giving businesses the flexibility to focus as much time is required on their customers. Courtesy or follow-up calls can also be made without any concern over additional expenditure, so employees can invest time in resolving complex customer queries, or stimulating repeat business with quality customer care.

A flexible service, for progressive organisations

As your business grows, VoIP can be adapted to suit your ongoing needs. With the system being cloud-based, it is as adaptable and easily configurable as you need it to be. Making the switch from using handsets to headsetsrequires only a change in hardware, and changing telephone numbers or adding additional contacts doesn’t require the installation of new landlines. This applies even when your business moves to new premises, or expands to a new location.

An addition, a significant benefit of using VoIP for business is the impact on our environment. By using a single broadband service, as opposed to a network of telephone lines and switchboards, there is a substantial reduction in the amount of energy used in even a single telephone call. Also making remote-working more practical and accessible, VoIP for business can lead to a reduction in our carbon footprint – as well as the cost of running business operations.

The best way to see how VoIP will work for your business is to make contact with a service provider, and discuss your needs. If your ambition is to reach and retain more customers, enhance and expand your business – and reduce your expenditure – then there’s no doubt that Planet Numbers will be able to make VoIP for business work for you.