Fun Facts about Chinese New Year 2015 – Year of the Goat

19th February 2015

China’s most important holiday

Chinese New Year is the longest holiday in China; it lasts for a total of fifteen days. The first three days of the New Year are a statutory holiday from work but most people will have the time off work from New Years Eve to the sixth day. Schools in China get to take a month and universities even more.

A third of the world in celebration

As well as the New Year being celebrated in China itself, celebrations happen in Indo

nesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. London also host special events to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year London’s Celebrations will take place on 22nd February from 10am to 6pm in Trafalgar Square and include a parade through the West End.

Chun Yun

2.8 billion trips are well under way for what is known to be the largest annual migration for China also known as ‘Chun Yun’. This is whereby students, migrant workers and office employees that live away from home will make the journey back to celebrate with their friends and families.

“Lucky Money”

Children across China will receive red envelopes as a sign of happiness and good fortune. The envelopes themselves are shown as good luck with some children putting these envelopes under their pillows for up to seven days in order to increase their luck. It is common that people believe every child receives money but that isn’t true, in fact only people who are not married receive red envelopes and those that are not married give them out.

The amount of money that is received is also shown to be superstitious, it has to be an even number and the amount cannot be divisible by four because the number four means death in their culture.

Fake Girlfriend/Boyfriend

In China, it is becoming increasingly popular to hire a “fake” girlfriend or boyfriend to take home during the Chinese New Year to stop parental pressure to get married. ‘Taobao’ is a famous website in China used by men and women to find their perfect ‘fake’ boyfriend/girlfriend anywhere from £50 to £900 a day. The trend is most popular during the Chinese New Year where young ladies/men venture home to visit family.

Firework Celebrations

Fireworks mark a celebration and what better than to mark the celebration of the Chinese New Year. China produces ninety per cent of the world’s fireworks and they love to celebrate the Spring Festival with them! However fireworks are dangerous and do have there down sides, last year fireworks caused 6,000 accidents on the first day of celebrations alone.


There are a lot of superstitions around these times of celebration, one of the most popular is thoroughly cleaning the house before the New Year, as this is thought to sweep away all of the previous bad luck. But it has been said if you clean on New Years Day itself it will wash away the good luck. This also means you cannot wash your hair. Using knives or scissors will cut the luck away. Also, Any talk of ghosts is also forbidden.

From all of us here at Planet Numbers we wish you a Happy New Year; we hope you have found these facts interesting, if you would like to find out more about our cheap rate calls to China just click here for more information.