Getting the Most Out of Your 0800 Numbers

21st June 2012

In the UK, 0800 numbers are an amazing tool that can foster goodwill, improve image, add sales leads and increase sales conversions. Nevertheless, a Freephone number isn’t some magic wand. A business has to use it effectively in order to reap the benefits fully.

The first step to doing so is recognizing that with 0800 numbers, the power lies with the business that owns it. In fact, they can’t ever lose the rights to that number unless they sell or relinquish. This has a couple of implications. Firstly, the business can invest in marketing their number risk free. Secondly, if the provider is not meeting their needs, they have the option of transferring the number once the initial contract is up.

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It is nice to have that option when it comes to your 0800 numbers, but it is even better if you choose right the first time around. There are many services out there, so take the time to find the right price but also to find the company that suits your business. All companies are different, so perform an honest assessment of your business, and know the type of growth that you expect over the next five years.

Maximize awareness about your 0800 numbers. One way you can do this from the start is to choose a memorable telephone number, such as a vanity number. The benefit of vanity numbers is that people remember them easier, which makes your marketing more effective. In addition, be aggressive about getting that number out there. If you don’t have a promotion, create one for the sole purpose of marketing you 0800 numbers.

Lastly, most services provide a Web interface that you use to access the system via a browser or mobile browser. This is a powerful tool for businesses than handle large call volumes. So don’t go into this contract blind. Have a look at that interface, and make sure that it is powerful and intuitive enough to meet your needs long-term. You certainly don’t want to find that out after the fact.