Goodbye 0500… Hello 08085!

7th February 2017

On 3rd June 2017 the UK will withdraw the use of the old 0500 freephone numbers. As you’re probably already aware, the majority of freephone numbers today begin with 0800 and 0808. The rarity and lack of public recognition of the 0500 number has subsequently rendered it obsolete and it will therefore be withdrawn from use by mid-2017.

Whilst 0808 5 numbers are new, 0808 numbers have been in use since 1997, and alongside their older 0800 counterparts, have proven to be highly popular and recognisable by the public.

The new 08085 prefix will celebrate its second birthday this year, having been created in 2015 with the sole purpose of replacing 0500 numbers.

What does this mean if you currently use an 0500 number?

Whilst it is not a legal requirement that businesses replace their 0500 prefix with the new 0808 5 prefix, those who are still using the 0500 prefix will have two options:

1. Cease using the 0500 prefix by 3rd June 2017.
2. Cease using the 0500 prefix and replace it with any number of their choosing by 3rd June 2017.

We expect a move from 0500 number to the new 08085 prefix will prove to be popular, especially for businesses where an up-to-date appearance is necessary or advantageous.

A choice of 0808 5 numbers from Planet Numbers

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