Google Music

23rd November 2011

In May last year Google launched a Beta version of it’s music service, Google Music, but has now launched a full version which will be rolled out to devices running software version’s 2.2 or higher over the next few days.

Google Music offers it’s user’s a personal cloud so they can stream their personal collection of up to 20,000 songs from any Android device. As well as being able to purchase any of the 13 million tracks Google Music also allows you to share music using the Google+ social network.

Google also has it’s own artist hub which enables artist’s to distribute their own music using the Android market, build their own artist page, upload original tracks, set prices and sell their music directly to fans.

Customer’s can access their Google Music library anywhere at anytime without the need for syncing or wires. Customer’s can listen to their music on either their Android mobile phone or their Android tablet with the Google Music app. You can save your favorite tracks straight to your mobile device for offline playback.

With a growing number of people downloading music on the go Google Music will be a great hit and a huge success to those who love music. This great new feature will also help Android’s battle in having a bigger share than Apple in the mobile and tablet market.

Although I think this will be a massive success, customers will have to keep a close eye on their download limit’s set by their mobile service providers as downloading music can use a large amount of their data allowance.