Google Wallet

20th September 2011

Google’s wallet dream has now become a reality, although it’s still at early stages a trial has been announced to take place in May.  So far the service only works with the Samsung Nexus S 4G (WiMAX) on the Sprint network in the states.

This new service launch has got retailers, banks, manufacturers and it’s consumers excited. Contactless payment will bring so many benefits, experts predict that some transactions under $25 in the US and £15 in the UK can be up to twice as fast as using either cash, debit or credit cards. The fairly low limits make it less appealing to fraudsters.

Experts also predict that consumers are more likely to spend more money due to the ease of small transactions. Queues will be shorter as payment will be quicker and less hassle.

Mixed opinions on this new service as consumers are worried that it’s not secure enough, what are your opinions?