Green Your Office in 10 Simple Steps

17th February 2009

Green your office: switch your paper use to 100% recycled The media is rife with dire warnings of a decaying environment. To stop the steady decline requires a global awareness. The developed nations are arguably the most responsible in terms of the carbon footprint they leave. Underdeveloped nations are to be blamed for a rapidly depleting green cover. It is imperative for each one of us to spread awareness and make a concerted effort to remedy the circumstances. One good location to make a start is the workplace. Some practical methods are outlined below.

  1. Encourage car pooling or alternatively use public transport where possible. If circumstances permit, walk to work or use a bicycle. It will save an incredible amount of fuel and consequent pollution.
  2. Telecommuting is today’s mantra. Try and work out of your home using all the technical innovations available today like instant messaging and teleconferencing. Think of the enormous amount of time and money that will be saved. Working out of the home leads to greater productivity.
  3. At the workplace be highly sensitive to power wastage. Switch off unnecessary lighting. Change to CFL bulbs that consume less power. Disconnect all unnecessary appliances except when required. Exploit natural light wherever possible. Improve on thermal insulation in winter.
  4. Turn off your computer and all the other hardware at the end of the day. Remember keeping a computer on standby still consumes power. When replacing, choose energy saving computers, monitors and hardware. The same applies to any other electrical accessories in your office.
  5. As far as possible minimize on the use of paper. Where unavoidable, use recycled paper. Print on both sides of the sheet. Use the back of documents no longer required to scribble notes instead of shredding them or throwing them away. Keep all your files on your computer and minimize printouts. Send e-mails or use the telephone rather than letters and notes.
  6. Recycle wherever you can. Look around you at the amount of wastage. Reuse old packaging material for storage. Place recycling bins in high visibility areas and make everyone in your office aware of the purpose and location.
  7. As a matter of policy invest in furniture and office supplies made of recycled material.
  8. Spread awareness about using recyclable crockery and cutlery.
  9. Brighten up your office with indoor plants. They more than add to the ambience. They consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen leading to a healthier environment.
  10. Inculcate this consciousness of going green amongst all workers in the office. Fix posters on the wall that spread the message. It is our bounden duty and obligation to leave a better world for our children.