Happy Chinese New Year – Year Of The Dragon

23rd January 2012

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon. Also known as the Spring Festival, this year marks year 4710 on the Chinese Calender.

The celebrations, which last around 13-15 days, correspond to the new moon and end on the date of the full moon. The Chinese calender differs from the calender we use in the UK. Formed of a cycle of 12 years, each being named after an animal – not too different from our Zodiac signs. Like our Zodiac signs, some people believe that if you share a year with an animal (I.e Lion) that person will share the traits of that animal.

As one in six people celebrate Chinese New Year, we’ve made it even easier to join the celebrations. Calls to China are just 1p/minute, no matter what time you call. Simply dial the access number 0843 715 7777 and enter the Chinese telephone number you wish to dial.