Here, There and Everywhere with Virtual City Numbers!

16th June 2016

Modern business has evolved greatly from times gone by, and whilst services and commodities would have been highly localised in the 20th century, modern day companies often serve a national or even multinational customer base.

The thing is, whilst national businesses can help bring prices down and provide a consistently great service, local numbers create a trustworthy, approachable ‘local’ feel which can fill a consumer with confidence in your brand before they’ve even picked up the phone.

Best of both worlds

Now, we’re not suggesting that you go out and create local branches right across the UK, that would obviously be impractical for many businesses – so what’s the answer?

Virtual City Numbers from Planet Numbers allow you to create as many numbers as you wish to use on local advertising throughout the country, all of which will be automatically and seamlessly redirected to a landline or mobile number of your choice.

This means you can keep your offices in Edinburgh and still advertise with a local number throughout the UK; so if you’re looking to target customers in Brighton, Swansea, Penzance or York, for example, you can do so with total ease and zero upheaval.

The professional touch

Great advertising and excellent products go a long way to inspiring confidence in your brand, but if you create a poor first impression when a potential consumer contacts your business, you’ll already be on the back foot.

With Planet Numbers you can make every call perfect with our automated call handling services, including automated greetings messages, call handling, call queuing and automatic voicemail, plus much, much more.

To find out more about Virtual City Numbers and how they could help your business, click here or give us a call on 08000 886 886 and talk to one of our friendly and experienced members of staff.