High Quality Ways to Make Cheap International Calls

24th June 2022

Having loved ones in another country doesn’t mean you’re bound to a life of costly phone calls and outrageously high phone bills. However, today there are several cheap ways to keep in touch without breaking your bank.

Need to call someone in South Africa? That may cost you £3 per minute. Want to connect with your family in Pakistan? That’s ringing them for as much as £1.50 per minute.

Here we discuss some of the easiest ways to make cheap international calls.

Is it Possible to Make Cheap International Calls from the UK?

If you’re using one of the UK’s major network service providers but want to save money on overseas calls, connecting with an international call add-on such as EE the International or Vodafone is a good option.

An international calling bolt-on will either reduce the cost of calling internationally to a few cents per minute or provide you with a certain number of free minutes to international numbers for an additional monthly fee. While an overseas call add-on would increase your monthly bill by £3-£15, this is still a good price. However, if you really want to lower your monthly call expenses, there are some other options you might want to consider.

This is because other networks, such as LycaMobile and Vectone, allow you to use unlimited, cheap calls to Canada and other places in the world in your monthly call allowance.

Furthermore, the monthly contract fees for these networks are comparable to big networks. As a result, an international SIM can be substantially less expensive than a mobile contract with a major network plus an overseas calling add-on.

International Calling Add-ons

All major networks have international calling add-ons that you can purchase at any time. And you can easily unsubscribe with 30 days’ notice. As earlier noted, these often add £3-£15 to your monthly payment.

While these normally cover international calls to mobiles and landlines, calls to premium-rate numbers and other non-geographic numbers will still be charged, including banks and utility services, customer service helplines, non-geographic telephone numbers, civil service, etc.

It’s also worth noting that most call durations are limited to two hours, beyond which out-of-bundle charges will apply. So, if you want to continue talking without paying a premium for the service, simply end the connection and redial the number.

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Use Best Add-ons for Cheap International Calls

Here are some cheap international calling add-ons to help you make cheap calls to South Africa, the UK, Canada, and dozens of global destinations.

Vodafone International Saver

For £3 a month, Vodafone International Saver is one of the cheap overseas calls add-ons. You get 100 minutes per month to international landlines and mobiles in 100 destinations.

Vodafone International Saver includes 5GB of internet, over 100 international call minutes, and 500 free minutes when you call the UK for just a £16.50 rate per month.

O2 International Bolt On

O2’s international bolt on is another great option for cheap calls to the US. You’ll get a free SIM card, and the bundles expire after 30 days, so you can cancel or renew them at any time. With the bundle, you get a set number of free minutes that can be used for international calls with the bundle. You can also pay £2 per month for their International Monthly Bolt On service. This lets you make cheaper calls and texts to overseas phone numbers from the United Kingdom.

Three International Saver

Costing over a monthly £15, this add-on is ideal for people who need to make several international calls. Users can enjoy using 3000 minutes for overseas landline numbers each month. While this isn’t available to as many countries as some of the other add-ons mentioned here, users can still connect to major countries globally, including China, the USA, and New Zealand.

EE The International

Much like the already discussed options, EE offers you a free international SIM card which can be used to make international calls to the UK and 30 other countries. Their SIM cards have a free Calling Abroad add-on with prices to over 70 countries. Once you buy the sim card, you can text CALL ABROAD to 150 and start making cheap calls worldwide.

International SIMs

Vectone, Lebara, LycaMobile, and more companies offer a wide choice of overseas SIM cards. However, almost all of their international calling SIMs are on a long-term contract, which means you can quit at any time with 30 days’ notice. Most plans will include calls to UK landlines and mobile phones and broadband and text messaging.

However, calls to premium-rate numbers in the UK and abroad, as well as customer service, utility providers, and similar services, are not covered. While this doesn’t offer the same perks as some of the other popular networks like EE tickets or Vodafone, many users still believe the advantages of low-cost international calls outweigh the disadvantages.

Why Choose Planet Numbers?

Making international calls with Planet Numbers is the most cost-effective option.

Take a look at the options and features that our service provides:

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· Businesses can create multi-user accounts to reduce overseas calling costs for the whole office.

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