How Can Virtual Numbers Help Your Business?

6th August 2019

Virtual phone numbers were basically invented with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Virtual numbers are just like traditional numbers except that they are not restricted to a particular physical device.

They were designed to replace dedicated phone lines whose physical and stationary configurations have made them far too restrictive to keep up with the requirements of businesses in the 21st Century.

Virtual Numbers give you all the benefits of a traditional number, so you are losing nothing. Additionally, they bring so many other benefits to the table, for instance:

Flexibilitybusiness phone numbers

As we told you above, a virtual phone number is not restricted to a single device. One virtual number can receive all your business phone calls and text messages and then send them to any other phone in your premises.

In other words, there is no need for your receptionist to come running back to her desk every time her phone rings. With a virtual phone number, you could even send a customer’s call to all the phones in your office, forcing them all to ring until one of your employees picks up.

You have the option of creating any setup that piques your interest.

Business Contact

Many small business owners will use their personal numbers to receive phone calls because they cannot afford to acquire and configure an office phone system for their company, at least not at the start.

So they will put off buying a business number as a result, resorting to the use of their personal number ― a move that is quite unprofessional.

Not only are virtual numbers cost-effective but you don’t need to wait until you acquire a separate phone to get one for your business. You can keep using your personal cellphone if you wish. Your customers won’t know the difference.

As we told you above, virtual numbers are not restricted to any one device.


If you already have a business number, then it is easy to see how you might conclude that virtual numbers are not for you. After all, you probably see the benefits but your clients have already grown accustomed to your traditional number, and you don’t want to confuse them.

However, you are making the assumption that the only way to take advantage of a virtual number is to change your pre-existing phone number. But that isn’t even remotely true.

You have the option of porting your existing number over to a virtual service. In other words, you can keep the same old number whilst also enjoying the benefits of a virtual number.


A virtual number will enable you to finally eliminate your company’s dependence on the landline. In fact, you can do away with landlines altogether. Landlines are restrictive.

You can only take so many calls at a time and they are restricted to a specific physical location.

It won’t take you long to transform your landline number into a virtual number. And once that happens, you never have to miss customer calls again. This also eliminates the cost of installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing expensive hardware.


Virtual numbers will enable you to establish a local presence in places where you are not actually situated. You can assign phone numbers to lines in certain places and convince consumers that they are talking to your personnel in those particular locations even if you are actually situated on the other side of the country.

Your business will benefit greatly from your clients presuming that you are locally based. This is how so many firms build loyalty.

Of all the communication advancements the 21st Century has delivered, virtual numbers are the one tool that is guaranteed to exponentially impact your business operations. There is so much to gain, so many ways its versatile features will simplify the way you talk to your employees and clients.

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