How does the X Factor voting system work?

14th December 2009

X Factor is one of the UK’s most popular TV programmes ever created. Always the nation’s favourite conversation starter, the X Factor 2009 disappointed no-one as an estimated 17million people viewed this weekend’s final. Regardless of whether your favourite singer won, it’s hard to argue that the X Factor failed to deliver another hugely entertaining series.

If you are unfamiliar with the talent contest, 12 finalists sing it out to be come the nations next big pop star and to win a record contract worth £100,000. To make sure your favourite act wins, you simply pick up the telephone and vote. The singer with the least votes at the end of the weekend goes out of the competition.

How does the voting system work then? How can they monitor how many calls go through?

It’s simple. The 0911 premium rate telephone number that you dial to vote is diverted to another line which greets you with the welcome message and confirms your vote. Each call made is recorded and counted, with the information available for the person who owns the lines to monitor.

But did you know you can create the exact same system using some of our numbers?

Simply place your order for the numbers, all of which can be diverted to a single landline/mobile or several, advertise it and monitor the calls.

These numbers can also be used to monitor which advertising technique is best for you. Using a different number for each technique (internet, billboard, radio) will allow you to see how many calls each advertisement brings in – ultimately, saving you money.