How does VoIP help businesses?

18th September 2018

Close to 40% of small businesses have opted to switch to VoIP from conventional hardwired phone systems, while more than a fifth of small businesses rely on cloud-based VoIP. These statistics are reported from Forbes and aren’t hard to believe when you consider the business merits of VoIP.

With a VoIP system in place, your firm can start reaping benefits that might previously have been left only to competitors with much richer financial resources. For example, VoIP-using businesses can…

Carry out business anywhere globally

If your business lacks both money and staff in abundance, this situation could obviously count against your company’s chances of competing effectively with the big boys. However, this would be on the assumption that your firm fails to recognise the many merits of a VoIP phone system for business.

Quite simply, just one system can let your staff make or receive calls anywhere. They could be in the usual office, in a satellite branch, at a trade show or even in a coffee shop or airport lounge while they wait to attend a crucial business meeting. The only common denominator has to be that the place has an Internet connection or wireless signal available for your staff’s use.

Before an employee leaves the office and their phone there, they would have the option of routing calls to a different phone. With the Planet Numbers hosted system, it’s possible to allocate several lines to mobiles. This could be useful if many workers need to temporarily work from home, for example.

On top of all of that, to callers, you wouldn’t need to betray that any workers are off the usual premises. That’s because a VoIP setup would, for each outgoing call, let the usual work number show up in the recipient’s caller ID, Tech Donutexplains.

Run an office more time-efficiently

One of the leading plus points of having a VoIP phone system is the large degree of control it would allow you to exert over telecommunications on the premises. For example, from just one computer, you would be able to see details of all of the employees who use VoIP.

You could even click just once to ring any of these staff members. Other possibilities include looking up which numbers have been dialled and how long calls have lasted. Given this impressive breadth of functionality, you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that such a system could streamline your schedule.

How does VoIP help businesses? A system of our own provision could be used in your workforce for instant messaging. This could be invaluable for helping you wriggle out of some tricky situations – like needing to send a file or message without interrupting an important conference call.

Furthermore, as a hosted VoIP system operates via the cloud, you don’t have to worry about the likes of floods or snowstorms affecting your productivity. Yes, such weather could sometimes leave your premises out of reach; however, you could also have calls automatically routed to a phone more readily available than the one that never usually leaves the office.

Easily scale up a VoIP service as the business grows

Another benefit of using a phone system that isn’t fixed to a specific location is the flexibility which this system can allow you to exercise as your business grows. Are you wondering how VoIP could help on-the-move businesses to avoid convoluted transition processes?

Many creases of such could be ironed out if VoIP is routinely used for the business phone operations. Setting up a VoIP system in the first place wouldn’t call for significant expenditure on new hardware or large servers; thus, you wouldn’t need to transport either to a new office.

Remember that, with a Planet Numbers VoIP solution, it’s largely us who are looking after the specialist hardware on which this solution relies. This means that, if your company is outgrowing its current base and will soon need a larger one or several new offices, you can just add more lines to your existing hosted VoIP solution to account for the growing number of employees.

Trim a broad array of communication costs

What are other corporate advantages of using VoIP? One of the biggest is the opportunity for significantly saving money. Discarding a traditional phone system also means doing away with the significant monthly costs which these can bring. Switching to VoIP could save your firm as much as 90%…

This is the saving possible with VoIP services available from our staff at Planet Numbers. When you consider that setting up a landline system would entail you spending “exorbitant amounts of money on special equipment”, as Business News Daily phrases, it’s clear how savings can build.

Furthermore, with a hosted VoIP phone service, you wouldn’t need to recruit IT staff to have the system expertly looked after, as this particular responsibility would fall on the service provider instead. Hence, it’s not just money but also time that you could save.

To find out more, speak to one of our friendly advisors today, free on  0800 088 6543.  In general, we can provide a VoIP phone service into your business in just five working days or less after you place your order.