How getting the wrong number can lead to marriage

12th December 2012

We’ve all had that moment – dropping everything you’re doing and rushing to the ringing phone to get there just in time to pick it up – only to discover to your dismay that the person on the other end has dialled the wrong number. What a waste of your time; an unwanted distraction; something that you gain nothing from except a great annoyance at the other person.

This is also what happened between Elizabeth Bennett and Brian Woodward from Mundford, Norfolk nine years ago.  Brian dialled the wrong number, spoke to Elizabeth and was “really rude” on the phone to her, causing her a great annoyance.  However, roll on nine years and the couple have just been married at a church in Ickburgh, Norfolk.  What a heartwarming story in this festive period, but how on earth did it happen?

Apparently Brian phoned back the next day to apologise for his ill manner claiming he was “worse for wear” and “didn’t know what he was doing” when they first spoke. They got talking and two weeks later agreed to meet at Thetford train station.  The rest – as they say – is history.

The moral of the story is – next time you make or receive a call from the wrong number, you could be speaking to your future wife or husband – so be nice.  We don’t recommend deliberately dialling the wrong number though; it might prove a very expensive waste of your time.