How Mothers Day is Traditionally Celebrated Around the World

7th May 2015

 MDUnited Kingdom
In the UK, Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter. It is also known as Mothering Sunday, it is celebrated with flowers, cards, gifts and family meals.

In Brazil, Mothers day is one of the most commercial holidays celebrated. Brazil commemorates this special day on the second Sunday in May; it is celebrated with children performances and church gatherings

Mother’s Day, also known as ‘Muttertag’, also takes place on the second Sunday in May. The giving of Mother’s Day cards is extremely popular.

Mother’s Day is celebrated also on the second Sunday of May and is symobolises by beautiful carnations, which represent the gentle strength of mothers who are revered in Japanese culture.

Australia also uses a lot of giving of carnations and other flowers in Australia. The giving of Crysanthemums is also a Flowervery popular floral choice, because mothers there are called mum. Aunts and grandmothers are also acknowledge on this special day.

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, it is celebrated with gifts, chocolates and family meals. In Peru, many children will give their mothers handmade items

Mothers Day also known as ‘Fete Des Merees’ takes place in later May early June. In France it didn’t actually become a national holiday until the late 1950’s. In France Mothers Day is celebrated where the mothers relax and the children cater to their needs.

Mother’s Day is celebrated at the end of the fall rainy season, as part of the three-day festival dedicated to moms. Once the rainy season has ended the Chocmdfamilies would celebrate with a family meal, the daughters bring the ingredients to a traditional recipe.

Yugoslavia is another country that needs three days to celebrate; they mark Mother’s Day in December and have children’s day and fathers day combined. But in Yugoslavia they are going to need a lot of rope! On Children’s Day, the children are tied up and must agree to behave before they can be unbound. On Mother’s Day the mothers get tied up and only way to be unbound is offering sweet treats to the children. And then finally the father’s turn, the dads are tied up until they give their families Christmas gifts.

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, The Indians reflect upon the importance of mothers in their lives and the sacrifices they have made. However Hindus in India celebrate the goddess Durga on Mothers day in October.


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