How Much Do 0845 Numbers Cost to Ring?

25th August 2011

Concerning 0845 numbers, the most common question is, how much does it cost to ring these numbers? There seems to be some confusion surrounding 0845 numbers and other NGNs, and many people assume that the charges are quite high. It doesn’t have to be that costly, however, and the costs are generally only high when the owner of the line chooses to assign the number additional charges.

So how much does it cost to ring 0845 numbers? Well, it depends on three factors: the owner of the number, the provider who sold the number and the provider that is facilitating the call. From the caller’s perspective, you cannot assume 0845 numbers carry a local charge. Most home service plans do include 0845s free now, but you cannot take this for granted. It is not uncommon for mobile carriers, for instance, to levy significant charges against numbers with 0845 prefixes.

Another main factor is the source or original provider of the number. By default, most providers do not want to assign additional fees to 0845 numbers. However, in order to make the cost of such a number more palatable to small businesses, the provider can assign a fee to the number in order to subsidize the line, which allows them to offer the line to the small business at a reduced rate.

The final factor is the owner of the 0845 numbers. The basic use of NGNs like the 0845s for a business is flexibility. They simply want to be able to invest in the number without risk, and they want to be able to offer a local call to clients and prospective clients. Some businesses, however, use a different model, and they actually earn their revenue through charges on the line. For example, some telephone-based IT services targeted at the home-user market charge for their help and advice by assigning the 0845 number a per-minute rate.